Short Description

AerFresco CP7 incorporates a principle of what we called state-of-the-art air conditioning; this is to create a unique outdoor micro climate. AerFresco is ideal for patios, hotels, clubs, restaurants, verandas, smoking areas, homes and wherever outdoor conditions are too hot or too cold.

In order to create a perfect micro climate, it needs to keep the outside air cool by the use of air cooling technology
Each machine provides an outdoor comfort zone up to 4.2 metres (14ft)
At nozzle outlet, the Ambient temperature is reduced by 15oC (27o F)
Directional jet nozzle air distribution provides a targeted flow of cool air
The AerFresco can also work as a patio heater with optional infra red heat emitters
Optional “flash evaporation” misting system further enhances the cooling effect.