About Us

The climate changes with seasons, especially in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE. There are climatic conditions that conducive for outdoor activities, while others are inhospitable. However, we have a solution for your outdoors and indoors needs. We have technology to neutralize these vagaries in weather and lower the outdoor temperature by 10° – 15° C.

This technology is capable of keeping the area in an outdoor event cool and comfortable especially during summer months. Our evaporative cooling units reduce the temperature drastically, while it consumes a fraction of the power by conventional air-conditioning.

These units are widely used in outdoor areas like restaurants, Hotels, horse stables, greenhouses, outdoor school events, supermarkets and many other outdoor places.

For the past few years, we have been serving clients in the Middle East with our partners. We provide environment-friendly products and technology that can extend the comfort of outdoor events by keeping the area cool. Our company provides high pressure misting systems and High speed misting fans which available in various size. Our signature Outdoor Air coolers cooling machines can either be rental or sales. All products are based on the concept of evaporative cooling or misting.