Our Fog Cannons designed to solve the problem of airborne particles and dust generated by general demolition work, open mining activities and industrial bulk material handling. It is shown to suppress up to 90% of airborne dust particles.
The small units are ideal for suppressing dust where it’s generated in high concentrations. In this case, it is directed at the point source of dust and it rapidly suppresses the emitted dust before it can disperse. While the larger units are unique, as they able to suppress the general airborne open area dust that caused by blasting, demolition, quarries, long wall miners, truck and shovel mining operations etc. In this instance the Fog Cannon is setup to create a general level of mist over the area in which it slowly suppresses the airborne dust.
Fog Cannon have various models which available with different projection and reach capabilities from a range of 30 to 250 meters and rotation angle of approx 270° laterally but with adjustable height. This means that a single machine can cover a level area of up to 130,000 square meters.
The water consumption varies from 210 liters/min. up to 1000 liters/min. Surfactants can be also added to the spray to either increase the performance of suppressing airborne dust or develops a crust on stockpiles.
Other effective applications of Fog Cannon includes:
-Industrial & wild fire fighting, where it has been very effective
-Airport, freeway and tunnels firefighting and or evacuation of smog
-Solvent dispersal to assist the cleanup of spillage
-Odor control in the waste disposal &garbage land filling etc