Animal Mist cooling


Most common problem every summer months is how to keep the animals cool and safe from hot weather. Animals cannot survive in summer without the help of any cooling solutions. It is same in our situation, they are also begging for comfort.

Cooling system such as misting fans, misting systems & industrial fans are commonly used to solve the above problem. Our Systems can be used indoors and outdoors for cooling horses, cattle and other animals from the adverse effects of direct sunlight. It also protects the animals from flying insects and suppressing dust.

Horse cooling

Keeping your horse cool and comfortable under the heat is vital. When high ambient temperatures & humidity combined the body heat may accumulate faster than a horse can get rid of it .The fact is, horses are better at keeping their body warm than cooling themselves off.

We can help your horse or livestock keep cool by using cooling system. This kind of system uses atomized water droplets to eliminate the hot. In additional, it can also help your animals avoid heat related problems like hyperthermia, muscle tremors or weakness.

You have the power to save the animals!