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With years of experience in Outdoor Cooling and Heating design and installation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, Our company has a lot of customers to take care of. The service items include Misting systems, Evaporative coolers, misting fans, Outdoor air conditioners, outdoor air coolers, Patio heaters, industrial air coolers, outdoor cooling fans ,wall mounted Split AC type, split air-conditioner, portable air conditioner, floor standing and window type.

The company has always insisted on the spirit of professionalism and service in the business, research and innovation, customer first and service first is our goal to operate business and become the “Outdoor Cooling and air-conditioner experts”.

In terms of environmental control and energy-saving air-conditioning, refrigeration, refrigeration, ventilation, etc., will choose more efficient equipment and the use of more efficient heat source, to explore the use of the load, the effective use of waste heat and other organically combined function is very important. We will through knowledge and technical capacity, construction capacity has been accumulated for the customer’s business development to contribute, at the same time, continue to provide support for the next generation of business and industry to develop and research and development.

 Mobile Portable air conditioner

Small size, move freely, without having to install, good cooling efficiency, good quality, safe, low-noise operation, is to honor our highest recommendation.

Outdoor Coolers and Misting fans Rental

In Hot summer, most people choose to Rent outdoor coolers or misting fans to enjoy the outdoor patio party. The cost of buying an Outdoor air conditioner, outdoor air cooler, or misting fan is not affordable for everyone that’s way we open it for rental basis.

We mainly engaged in air conditioner rental and Installation; as a professional cooling company, over the years, with a good reputation and the fruitful achievements we become well known on this nature. We provide different types of Air conditioner available in sales and rentals for such events, exhibition, party and gatherings. We will be superb technology and reasonable prices and dedication to provide you with high quality and excellent air conditioning rental services.


Most common solutions: