Outdoor Heaters

outdoor heaters

  We are one of the leading suppliers of Outdoor Heaters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE. The employee under go in training to have enough knowledge that may able to recommend suitable units for the clients. We provide various kinds of heaters ideal for indoor and outdoor like electric heaters, room heaters and propane … [Read more…]

Outdoor Coolers

Outdoor Coolers

Evaporative cooling or outdoor coolers is a system that cools air through the evaporation of water or liquid. The principle of this system is that water must change from liquid state to a vapor. And this is achieved in our evaporative coolers using the honeycomb evaporative pads. There are several options, with the main difference … [Read more…]

Misting Line System

Misting line system

High pressure misting systems, in its simplest form, could work with water and pump. It is more effective than conventional methods for cooling outdoor locations like a green house, patio, waiting line, dining area and other suitable are it may use. And these system have been used in Dubai for a long time.  

Misting Fans

Misting fans

  Our misting fans have 3-Speeds and commonly used at outdoor gatherings or events. This fan can cool between 10 to 20 sq. feet of area in its vicinity. They could be “” or “”   The below are the centrifugal ones, for more options or high-pressure systems, please contact us. Voltage : 220-240V Power:  … [Read more…]


Greenhouse misting systems & humidification fans precisely regulate two critical growth factors. For plants to thrive, an ideal level of humidity & temperature are required. Both of this are all under control with misting that may result of Vigorous, healthy plants with less work!



  Our Fog Cannons designed to solve the problem of airborne particles and dust generated by general demolition work, open mining activities and industrial bulk material handling. It is shown to suppress up to 90% of airborne dust particles. The small units are ideal for suppressing dust where it’s generated in high concentrations. In this … [Read more…]


Outdoor Cooling systems

Short Description AerFresco CP7 incorporates a principle of what we called state-of-the-art air conditioning; this is to create a unique outdoor micro climate. AerFresco is ideal for patios, hotels, clubs, restaurants, verandas, smoking areas, homes and wherever outdoor conditions are too hot or too cold. In order to create a perfect micro climate, it needs … [Read more…]